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How to Do the Doge [May. 28th, 2014|07:45 pm]
Ok kids, here's your super-quick setup guide to get you selling artwork for Dogecoin.   The first thing you need to do is download and install a wallet which will handle your transactions.  I see that they have added a Dogecoin Light wallet.  Up to you to decide which one to use.  I would recommend the full wallet.  It will take a fair chunk of time to sync up with the network, but it's a one-time deal and will only need to incrementally update from then on.  This is what my wallet looked like a couple of weeks ago...

So what are we seeing here is my current balance, two deposits from mining pools into my wallet, and one withdraw of 1001 Doge which I have sent to the Art-4-Doge site.  Go there now, set up an account, and click on the "Wallet" icon.  You will see something like this...

The address shown there is for your wallet ON the DogLet site, in this case, "DEXwxfxbFZ4EXTdms3hYjuogcusXZV8Brh".  This is where payments for your artwork will be deposited.  You can also send Dogecoin there and use it to buy items from the site.  Now to withdraw Doge from the site and into your wallet we will have to create an address to send them to.  On your desktop wallet, the one which you've just installed, click on the "Much Receive" tab.  You will see something like this...

Here you see addresses that I have created to accept transfers from mining pools, the Reddit tip-bot, and one labeled Photos for the DogeLet site.  Create a new address if you wish or use the one already there.  Simply right-click and copy the address to clipboard and then paste it into the "Withdraw to" address on the DogeLet site.  Enter however many Dogecoin you wish to send to your desktop wallet from the site wallet and hit "send".  In a very short time, usually under a minute, you will see the funds appear in your desktop wallet.  Sending Dogecoin from your wallet to an address is just as simple.  Click on "Pls Send" on your desktop wallet and you will see a screen something like this...

If you want to send Dogecoin to somewhere, simply paste an address into the "Pay To:" field, select amount, and add a label if you wish for record-keeping.  Click send and it's off.  This now concludes our quick and dirty setup which will get you started.  As to what to do with your Dogecoin, it's up to you.  There is a great Reddit community with a growing list of vendors and sites online that are willing to accept Doge.  There are also ways to convert your Doge to Bitcoin and regular fiat currencies but we will leave that for another day.
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Online storage [Aug. 14th, 2013|10:00 pm]
Well seeing as Photobucket went down the well so to speak, I've been looking for a half-decent gallery/picture stash.  Seems I opened a Flickr account ages ago when I didn't have much for bandwidth.  Well all that's changed so I dragged and dropped a few directories into it.  Enjoy, I'm tired, lots of post-processing still, backlog city.
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Bingo! [Aug. 13th, 2013|05:58 pm]
Now it's time to make it go KaChing!


(Time for new hip x-rays)
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2013|02:51 am]
So one more day and I'll be flying east for Iceland.  All I can say is that I'm so bloody sick of hearing about how ill-prepared I am for the weather from people who are never out in it.  For Thor's sake, my favorite time for photography is freeze-up.  That means well, FREEZE-UP!!!  5C and wet is no biggie.  I've been watching the weather over there via web-cam for weeks, checking lighting conditions, weather, atmosphere, etc.  Yeah I'm gonna get wet... and then I'm gonna get dry.  Mike has heard me go out at 5:00 am many a time, and come in at noon soaked up to the thighs, only to repeat again the next day.  Soooo, what's new here?  Location, that's all.
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Attack the Block [Jul. 16th, 2013|08:06 pm]
Watching this right now knowing that badboybunny must have laughed himself bloody sick over it already.

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The Space [Jul. 16th, 2013|04:03 am]
Build build build.  As each thing is finished, it immediately gets the overflow from the next place or thing to get attention.  I think the only way I'm ever going to post pictures of this place is to, as things get finished, take a few pictures before I load it up with the stuff it's supposed to take care of.  In other words, there's always a mess around here somewhere, it just shifts about a lot.

Build!  I need some foam so I can line a small suitcase, hand-baggage size, for carrying my lenses and camera gear.  The problem is two-fold.  First, need a hard shell, non-negotiable.  Second, unfortunately, although the bag that Mike picked up for me a while ago is great, I've got some odd-sized lenses that are just a weeeee bit too odd and big to let me be comfy with it.  So, old 40's suitcase with foam and appropriate cut-outs.

Pics!  Must do pics of my Klein bottle.  When Keepsakes Gallery closed, me mum was tossed all the stuff in the coffee-room space.  Few cans of coffee, whitener, this and that, and a Klein bottle.  Yeah, I freaked.  So I've got a topologically interesting um, thing.  By the way, if you want one, I'd recommend Acme Klein bottles. There list of features is um, intriguing.

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Great opportunity. [Jun. 23rd, 2013|02:17 am]
Now why would I be watching this documentary, other than the fact that I like to watch documentaries....

My brother and his wife's combined age will be about 100 this summer.
They live in Norway, but have a lot of friends in North America.
So they rented a small house for a week this summer in Iceland and invited all comers.
I've got plenty enough air-miles to get to Halifax, then it's a short jump over to Iceland.
So me mum, my other brother and moi will be going and then spending an extra week doing the drive-around.
Two weeks in Iceland with the 10-20mm, a 500mm mirror lens, and my beautiful, beautiful Tamron!
I'm gonna kill myself, but it's gonna be worth it!
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Been a while eh [Nov. 17th, 2012|01:04 am]
As published in New Scientist Magazine, October 6'th edition.  I'm going to be razzing me bro big-time about this one.  "So John, when are you gonna get published in a real science magazine instead of like, 'Dirt Monthly'".  Bwarharharharhar!  Yeah, that's me mum on the right there.  I should have that picture, and it should be up on her Facebook page but it ain't there for some reason.  You gotta admire the wording, as succinct and perfect as that famous non-existent headline "Psychic Wins Lottery".

Internet difficulties and system problems are over!  Got high-speed in the barn finally! G4 wireless that can deliver a meg a second.  Also have a new system since I had a minor disaster when I tripped over a cable during a system rebuild, which took out the motherboard.  New system specs, quad-core I5 @ 3Ghz, 8G 1333Mhz DDR3,  ATI Radeon 4400 vid card.  Smokes well enough for me.  Ram speed is the number one of course, and that's almost tripled.

Other big changes.  I've been wanting to post pictures of the all-new upstairs for a while now, but I always seem to be in the middle of yet another upgrade.  Then there was that long interruption when I was without a connection and/or the soul of my machine, data and wares.  We're back now though, count on that, and pics to follow soon.

Edit:  Almost forgot.  This picture was hanging in the gallery in Assiniboine Park for a month this fall, along with all the other regional winners.  Each year the government of Manitoba buys a few of the best for the provincial collection.  This year they bought mine for $150.  I'm still waiting for the check.  :)

Another edit:  Got the pic!

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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2012|06:35 pm]
Canada Day long weekend, had a bunch of campers up here.  Week after that, had my Niece Emma over, visiting from Norway.  Weekend after that, Theo's cousin got married, major event.  Weekend after that, took Mike into town for his brother's b-day, also my own.  Weekend after that, had a load of company over.  Yar, been busy!

Check out what blew through our yard last month.  Late night, there were some serious storm winds.  Suddenly all was absolutely quiet for about 30 seconds or so and then WHAM!  Freight train hit, blew open the windows, blew everything not nailed down off the deck, and it continued to howl like a banshee.  I was so impressed by just the noise that I ran out to the van for the camera, set it up on the tripod in the 2'nd floor doorway, and set the thing on movie mode.  Here's a frame from the flick where lightning illuminates the yard.
  So like, what the hell cuts a line straight through the bush, snapping and twisting foot-thick mature poplar trees off at a uniform 15-foot height?  Yep, we had an actual real proper tornado rip straight past the house, missing it by about 20 feet or so.  Only damage, two metal sheets got ripped off the garage roof.  Dig this pano, count the trees.  Go down the driveway and you'll count about 30 trees cut down just like that.  Yeehaw!  Guess that's my firewood about 3-5 years from now, once it's all dried and cured.

And speaking of cured... I've got about the best news imaginable.  When Theo got the results of his first biopsy, the one that told us that his cancer was back, his cancer cell-count whatchamacallit was at 68%, quite a bit higher than the highest it was during his first battle.  Dead Meat.  Figuring on a couple of years, if.  He just got the results of the latest biopsy and the cell-count was at 19%.

Theo has beaten multiple melanoma for an unprecedented second time.  Unprecedented, totally.  I have my friend back.  Bryce has his dad back, and doesn't have to endure watching him die again.
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Giving em enough rope. [Aug. 1st, 2012|11:09 pm]
"Your Father asked me why we had used so much lumber (that we paid for, btw) to put up the frame."

I'm still struggling to envision a geometric framework where you can use less than four uprights to hold up two cross-beams and some bracing.  I suppose a cane is over-engineered too, can't you use less than one stick?  My 2x4's of course, and my chip-board for the three, not four outhouses that were built.  The one monster that needed a tractor to tow into place was entirely superfluous of course since there was one a mere 50 meters or so on the other side of the barn.  Yeah, walk around the barn, there it is.  Finally the real numbers come out, their purpose ostensibly to show just how lazy we were but right here...

"All in all, at different times, a total of 34 people came up to the farm to help."

So right there, we were expected to do the work of 34 people to throw their event.  All they were prepared to do it seems was minimal setup of their own stuff and collect all the money for tickets.  Yesterday I went to the zoo bright and early to get some pictures of the tigers being fed and the raptor demonstration.  Just walking from the main entrance to the tiger compound on the other side of the zoo took a serious toll on my hips.  By noon I was wiped out.  took in the raptors, few more pics, and that was it for the day.  That's my normal.  All the while and right from the start we were saying that we needed help.  We could have handled the initial work if we were in OK shape but it kept ballooning as V kept adding on this and that all over the place, each job being way bigger than she thought, and being told this all along the way.  Ever tried to work with people who insist on what reality is?  Just like the Bush administration.

34 people.  I was supposed to do the work of 17 people with a crippled set of hips and coming off a three-week very serous bout of pneumonia that left me unrecognizable to my own mate.  I don't have to wonder how many of them were actually told the truth about what was going on, but I do wonder exactly what they were told.

Next:  A tornado hits our yard!
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